L-O-Vee Eee Work-A-Thon 

As you already know, the life of a performer is a difficult one of feast or famine.    You get a show that runs for 4 months and then, quite often, followed by months of unemployment.  Its benefits are that you get to make a living doing your passion, you get to connect with human beings in a creative way and add sunlight in a world that often has shadows.  But the downside is that the work is temporary and intermittent.  So, a performer must use any other skills they possess and diversify.  I personally have had too many side gigs to list, but I have worked as a maintenance person in a condo, snow removal, Future Shop employee, singing telegrams, emcee and of course developed side shows like The PreTenors and self producing concerts.  All in a bid to keep the mortgage paid and the lights on for myself and my children. 

One of my methods of 'diversification' was to create studio albums that I would sell in the lobby after gigs.  I successfully Paid off the first 2 )The Painter's Hand and Theatrics...which is no easy feat.  If you are unaware, to create a professional quality album of 12 tracks costs around $20,000 to pay the producer, the studio and all the musicians involved.  (plus other misc costs). Theatrics was an EP and cost $5000.  Anyway, I was able to pay those off (haven't made a dime yet..but that was to come) from years off standing in lobbies after theatre gigs.  Which I love doing because I get to interact with all my bosses...the audience members. 

But the industry has changed.  People stream music, not buy music as much.  And if you are unaware, an independent artist sees no money from streaming, and if they do it is pennies. 

With L-O-Vee Eee, the latest release in 2018, I was well on my way to paying for it.  (God bless the people who purchased it when it came out, I thank you.). I had half of the money sitting in my account and was about to lay it all down on the credit line that I used to create the album but the 2 things happened. 

First, I went though a 9 month drought of theatre work, the first in my 20 years in the business.  I took on a job as an Educational Assistant, which was the most satisfying work I have done in my life, but the job paid in a month what I make in a week doing theatre at Equity minimum.  So needless to say, that $10K bled away into paying for the mortgage and keeping my head above water. 

Second, just as I was getting back to work and had some contracts lined up....CoVid came upon us and everything evaporated, and there is no sight for things in our industry to get back to any kind of normalcy. 

SO HERE IS THE ASK:  I don't want you to donate money...I want to earn it.   Every level of 'donation' is a service that I will provide.  This Go Fund Me just seemed like a great wat to have an organized way of collecting and a simple place to direct folks. so, 

$35 - get's all 3 of my Albums mailed to you (or emailed digitally...your choice) 

$50 - all 3 CD's and digital versions of the a cappella records I have done  

$75 - all the music and 100g of my infamous Beef Jerky (it's cray cray good) 

$125 - 1kg of the beef Jerky 

$200 - A video Singing telegram sent to the person of your choice in one of my many, many characters.  Luciano Paparazzi, Elvis, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Joe Cocker to name a few.  I will customize the lyrics of a song with your help to create a lovely keep sake. 

$800 - you get me for 2 full days as your personal Handy man.  You supply the materials and I supply the tools and labour.  I can build your deck, dig the post holes and put up a fence, install that toilet, paint, clean the things that you just don't want to clean (ie. snaking that plumbing line). there's very little I can't do and I will tell you if I'm not the guy for that. 

$1000 - Robert Walsh and I will come to your back yard (or suitable venue) and give a 60 minute performance.   We bring the sound equipment, our guitars and all the fun.  We perform song covers, but mostly our own kick ass songs ;)     (Outside Edmonton area will require travel expenses) 

$1250 - You get a performance of  PAPARAZZI:OPERA ON THE ROCKS.  the all new one man/one woman show with Jeniffer McMillan and I.  If you loved the PreTenors? ...You will adore this.  It's a show that begins with some of the great classic arias but then you get taken on a journey through pop music from the 40's up to today.  By donning a piece of costume Luciano transforms into Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison...even Lumiere from Beauty and the beast.  All in an effort to educate the audience on how classical/opera music has influenced all popular music over the past century.  It's full of great music, comedy and Jennifer's beautiful voice as we bring duets like The Prayer to life.  We bring the equipment, you supply the backyard/cul-de-sac and the audience.  It's an hour you will not forget. (Outside Edmonton area will require travel expenses) 

There it is... 

these are desperate times and I am trying a desperate measure.  I literally don't want to make money here....I just want to dig out of this incredible hole that I have fallen into and break even.  It would mean the world to me if I could just break even.  I'm proud of this album and I am glad that I gambled and made it.  Some musical moments that I will treasure because of the talents of all those people that took an idea I had but created some beautiful tapestries.  I would like all of you to experience their incredible work. 

I have no idea how this all works.  If I get a list of all those who have donated and the amounts so I know what service I owe to whom.  Also, I am uncertain if you get anything if you do not hit your goal. 

So you can always email me directly at kieranmartinmurphy.com and let me know that you joined in (or want to hire me outside the go fund me platform) and what level/levels you paid for. 

If you have read this far, I thank you.